Caves and Coastlines

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Caves and Coastlines

Post by chunkygravy » Thu Feb 13, 2014 10:00 pm

I need help with cave enterances and coastlines.

i'm using worldforge for pol and centred.

i start with a flat low area (altitude 5)
i place cave tiles on the floor where i want the enterance to be and a leadin to the cave area.
i make those tiles static using worldforge.
then i change the flat area in the cave to elevated mountains (60 altitude) and add in the cave enterance.

i've tried several different altitudes for the cave enterances with mixed results. sometimes i can enter the cave but not exit or vice versa. sometimes i will skip to the top of the cave tile and be on a higher altitude than i should (20 not 5)

what should the layout of my cave enterances be?

For my second question, coastlines.

ive read using worldforge for coastlines i should lower the edge of my continent to like -15 with costline tiles and then back to -5 ocean.

any help with coastlines would be great.

i also have centred but am just learning it.

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