POL 097.2 Win32, Linux and FreeBSD Final - Coregina

Here you can post threads requesting help on the official POL Ultima Online Emulator Core 097.
Note: Core 097 is no longer officially supported.

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POL 097.2 Win32, Linux and FreeBSD Final - Coregina

Post by Shinigami » Tue Jan 13, 2009 2:33 pm

Hello everybody,

Here you can find a little fixing Release:

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-- POL097.2 --
01-05 Turley
       Fixed  : URL percent decoding (like %2F= '/')

12-31 Nando:
       Fixed  : Internal webserver's threads weren't being reported in case there were threads
                hanging when shutting down. This might not solve the "zombie connections" bug,
                but will at least change it's name to "internal webserver bug", I'm hoping.

12-30 MuadDib:
       Added  : POL.Cfg::ReportMissingConfigs 0/1 (Default 1). Handles if Missing Config File
                reports are printed to the Debug.Log file. These are reports for example, when
                you use :*:npcdesc to open all npcdesc files in a script but not all packages
                of course will have this file.
       Changed: Weapons now have a Default Speed of 35 if no entry for Speed is in the itemdesc.cfg
                file if Delay is used. If no Delay, then will still throw an error and fail to load.
       Fixed  : Typo on spellbook reports.
12-17 MuadDib:
        Fixed : Possible memory leak with AOS Tooltips.
12-16 MuadDib:
        Fixed : Memory leak in Packet Class using .Setxxxx Methods on Variable Length Packets.
        Added : Error Struct "Offset value out of range on a fixed length packet" when trying
                to use packet.Setxxxx() whose value is out of range in a fixed length packet.
Win download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... indows/097
Linux download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... /Linux/097
FreeBSD download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... reeBSD/097

feel free to use it...

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Re: POL 097.2 Win32, Linux and FreeBSD Final - Coregina

Post by MuadDib » Tue Jan 13, 2009 3:21 pm

There is your memory leak fix guys. This was put in 097 also because it was such a major bug. Have fun and PLEASE REPORT BACK :)

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