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Some pretty major updates to the Classic Distro.

Posted: Wed Apr 06, 2022 11:31 am
by Yukiko
An issue was reported by andrtechno on GitHub regarding the magery "fields" spells. In researching the issue I found several problems with the fields spells. Rather than rewriting the spells, I decided to use the spell scripts from the Modern Distro (Distro). This required adding several packages from the Distro to the Classic Distro. Those packages are walkOn, body, and timedScripts.

walkOn handles the fields spells as well as the rescob walk on tiles.

The body package is required for one of the timedScripts subscripts SRC files but it is useful for other things, eg. finding the frame tile for an animal or monster.

timedScripts is used to control the duration of the fields but it has support for the other timed spells and effects. I did not add timedScripts support to anything else except the fields and the incognito spell. This package also brings buff icon support to the Classic Distro.