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Updating the gmtools package.

Posted: Sun Nov 21, 2021 11:03 am
by Yukiko
I am currently working on the `gmtools` package to clean-up, upgrade and, somewhat, modernize it for the Modern Distro. I need some help with understanding the use case for some of the scripts in the package. Here is a list of the scripts and my questions about them:

cursed.src - appears to be a script that re-equips an item once the victim is not dead. I assume to keep any cursed item always on a victim.
greyItem.src - What is the purpose for this script? It is obvious supposed to be attached to an item.
healStone.src - The use case is obvious but again there was no item defined in gmtools to use it.
itemAdd.src - What is the use case for this script.
itemGo.src - I don't see the reason for this as we have the regular .go command and there was no item assigned to this script in the gmtools' itemdesc file.
makeHidden.src - This appears to be intended as a command. Perhaps it should be moved to the gm commands directory.

I would appreciate input from anyone regarding these scripts. Thank you in advance.