I have been working on the GM Tools (gmtools pkg).

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I have been working on the GM Tools (gmtools pkg).

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The gmtools package has been in the official POL Distro since, at least, POL Core version 092. The official Distro has had many new packages added to it since then, some of which needed to be integrated into gmtools. Plus, gmtools needed a "facelift". No offense to the creator of the package but the gump was hard the read, especially for those who like, or need, a high contrast interface. I have integrated the new traps package into gmtools. I have also changed some of the menu options to use the built-in systems for account info and the go and the goto player commands. For those to work properly, slight modifications were made to those commands to allow them to be called using the Run_Script() function. Trapped chests created by the gmtools chestspawner and campspawner no longer are created with a key inside. This required modifying the :containers:container/onCreate.src script to check for a "NoKey" CProp and the use of the GetItemDescriptor() function in the two spawner scripts to apply that CProp prior to creating the chests. There was also an issue in gmtools that could have caused the script to exceed the allowable function call depth. I think, after a couple of fumbles, I resolved the issue.

Unfortunately, the changes I made affected several packages and scripts. Obviously, the gmtools package was affected along with the containers, accounts, and commands packages. I think those are the only ones I touched with this update.

The gmtools package has other scripts that need attention, and I will be looking at those but at least the gmtools, chestspawner, and campspawner commands should work properly.
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