A new Windows and Linux Core is up for 2019-09-23.

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A new Windows and Linux Core is up for 2019-09-23.

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Attention! Attention! Attention!
This is a Unicode alert!
To quote Turley from the core-changes "The core is now Unicode aware!
Holy crap! What's next, POL the Skynet release????
Get it here.

From the core-changes.txt:

Code: Select all

-- POL100 --
09-21-2019 Turley:
  Changed: The core is now Unicode aware!
           A normal String object can hold unicode.
           Files can now be stored in utf8 with or without BOM.
           For backward compatibility if invalid unicode is detected while compiling/file reading ISO8859 will be assumed.
           CAsc and CAscZ are normally no more needed, most incompatible changes are due to the fact that the old unicode array used for uctext is now replaced by an normal string object.
  Changed: The following incompatible changes where made:
           OnPublicChat second parameter is now a string object
           OnPrivateChat third parameter is now a string object
           ChangePublicChat second parameter is now a string object
           ChangePrivateChat third parameter is now a string object
           RequestInputUC return value no more contains member uc_text
           CharRef.clientinfo struct return value member video_description and langcode is now a string
           PacketObj.getunicodestring()/getunicodestringflipped() return a string
           TextCmd arguments are now (CharRef, String, [langcode=String])
           SpeechEvent no more contains uc_text member
           scripts/misc/charprofile.ecl fourth parameter is a string
  Changed: all places which currently accept an UnicodeArray can now also receive a String (UnicodeArray just for backward compatibility)
           cliloc.em SendSysMessageCL, PrintTextAboveCL, PrintTextAbovePrivateCL
           npc.em SayUC
           party.em SendPartyMsg, SendPrivatePartyMsg
           unicode.em BroadcastUC, PrintTextAbovePrivateUC, PrintTextAboveUC, RequestInputUC, SendSysMessageUC
           uo.em SendCharProfile
  Note:    Item/Mobile names need still to be in ASCII format.
  Note:    In the case of an unicode string as parameter for the following functions the unicode replacement will be automatically used, with ENU as langcode:
           Broadcast -> BroadcastUC
           PrintTextAbovePrivate -> PrintTextAbovePrivateUC
           PrintTextAbove -> PrintTextAboveUC
           RequestInput -> RequestInputUC
           Say -> SayUC
           SendSysMessage -> SendSysMessageUC
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