New Core build for 2018-10-24.

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New Core build for 2018-10-24.

Post by Yukiko » Tue Oct 23, 2018 11:38 pm

There is a new build of the Core ready for download.

This build contains an important bug fix to the ReadMillisecondClock() function.

From the core-changes.txt:

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-- POL100 --
10-22-2018 Turley:
  Fixed:   Undefined behaviour after ~20 days due to overflow in time measurment.
  This fixes both internal time measurments e.g. for repeating tasks, swing,.. and
  for the EScript function ReadMilliSecondClock() see below.
  Changed: ReadMillisecondClock() returns now a double instead of an integer to
  allow higher uptimes.

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