About the files posted in this forum...

Scripts for an entire shard, alternatives to the distro made by other users

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About the files posted in this forum...

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The files are contributed "as-is" which means they are provided in what ever state the contributor decided to release them and may or may not work or be compatible with the current POL release. The POL Core and Distro developers are not responsible for the condition, maintenance or usability of the files. If you have any questions or problems with them, the best thing to do is post in the thread that the files are provided or in the Scripting Help forum with a description of the problem. Please also post the script or file that seems to be causing the problem and any error messages that are displayed. The POL community can help you to solve the issue and many times other users may have already fixed the problem and can post their solutions. Of course the POL and Distro developers will help with problem posts whenever possible. One other benefit of posting your problem on the forums is that if a solution is found then others who may have the same issue will be helped as well.

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