New schedule.cfg for automatic launch scripts periodically

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New schedule.cfg for automatic launch scripts periodically

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This is a small implementation for schedule witch automatic start scripts. I appreciate if any poldev check if is correct the way i used for launch scripts and the 60 sec wait between cycles. The file lives inside pol/config, follow the documentation:

Name [optional] -> a name for this task (any string, default "no label").
Day [optional] -> the specific launch day for this task (1 ... 31, default: 0).
Month [optional] -> same as above, but for month (1 ... 12, default: 0).
Week [optional] -> day of week for launch this task (mon, tue, wed, thu, fri, sat, sun, weekday, weekend, default: all).
Min [optional] -> minutes for launch this task (0 ... 59, default: 0).
Repeat [optional] -> if false, only run once for each pol start (1/0, default: 1).
Critic [optional] -> if true, the script run in critical mode (1/0, default: 0).
Startup [optional] -> if true, this task will launch after pol startup (like others start.ecl), repeat are always 0 for startup task.
Hour -> what time launch this task (0 ... 23).
Script -> script to be launch in this task.

Name Champion Respaw
Week fri weekend
Hour 22
Script :mypackpage:respaw_champion

Name My Dally Custom Event
Hour 19
Min 30
Script :mypackpage:my_event_script
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