Submitting A Patch For POLServer SVN

Made a small change or new addition to the POL Core that makes a difference? You can post the changes here in .patch or .diff file format, for our Dev team to screen and apply to the SVN!

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Submitting A Patch For POLServer SVN

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Patch Submissions must include the following information
* The purpose of the patch. What if fixes, adds, or adjusts.
* Link or qoute of the original bug report if one does exist.
* Credit to the author if you are not the original author.
* Patch code should conform to the existing Core format.

Creating an SVN Patch file for submission
* Make sure you have your modified code in you copy of the POL-Core SVN
* Make sure the patch is made against a clean copy of the SVN, so as not to include other changes not intended.
* Remember to always create a patch file by right clicking on the ROOT directory of the SVN copy, not a subdirectory.
* Code comments are highly welcomed, and recommended.
* Attach the Patch file to your post, host it at Filebeam, or another free file hosting service.
* Code changes need to be in English, for conformity to the rest of the POL-Core.

Right Click on the Root Directory of your SVN Copy. This is very important. It must be the Root Directory.
Go to TortoiseSVN in the Context Menu, Then select Create Patch ... patch.html

Once you click on that, TortoiseSVN will load, and then eventually show all the Modified Files in your SVN Copy.
Make sure the correct ones are checkmarked, then click OK.

Save the new patch file anywhere you like, just remember where you put it! Name it, with the extension of the file being called ".patch". Filenames with these extensions, and .diff will both be allowed to be posted on the submission forum.

Next, go make your post here in the Submissions forum, and be sure to attach your patch! This way, not only can POL Devs use this patch, but also other people who wish to test your fine work! :)

Applying someone's patch file, so you can test it until it gets approved, or denied, for POL!

* Save the file from the forum post on your PC. Go to your copy of the POL Core SVN, and right click on the Root Directory.
* Go to TortoiseSVN, then click on Apply Patch.
* Go to the location where you saved the Patch File you downloaded. Select that patch file to apply.