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Post by Yukiko »

Here is my submission of the fishing skill for the 0.98 Distro.

Added a Seaserpent to the brainAI NPCDesc.cfg file.
Added the ability to slice up fish into fish steaks to item/weapons/useScripts/bladed.src
Added a condition to the same script that complains if you try to shear a bald sheep. Yeah has nothing to do with fishing but ya should know why a thing doesn't work.
Added the file to scripts/include
Added SFX_SLICE to for the fish cutting in blade.src.
Added the directory fishing and all scripts therein for the skill of fishing.

I think that's all the changes/additions I made.

Due to the size of the files I changed/added I am not posting the code here. If I need to as a requirement for submission please advise me and I will amend this post.
Fishing skill
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Re: Fishing

Post by Tomi »

Added to 098 Distro