Combat problems.

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Combat problems.

Post by Dandino »

Hi all :D

I created a server running on pol 099 with Fantasia scripts, but I have a problem with combat system.

When I attack any monster, my character (level 4 warrior full equipped) misses almost every hit.

This problem does not occur when I attack another player, because all attacks hit correctly.

Where's the error?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: Combat problems.

Post by CWO »

First, check to see if your scripts have a custom attack system. Look for syshook.cfg (there can be multiple and they can be in any package) look for an entry for Attack. Something like

Code: Select all

SystemHookScript newCombat.ecl
	Attack 	DoAttack
If you do have it, you can find the code in that script (In the example above, it would be in newCombat.src in the same path and the exported function name would be DoAttack).

If you don't have that entry in a syshook.cfg, the POL core handles attacking and a psudocode of what it does is here:

Edit: Didn't notice that this was posted 11 days ago. Our Discord bot just notified us. If you have Discord, you'll likely get quicker answers there.
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