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Cleric Package

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Package Name: cleric

Description: Optional Clerics Package for the POL Distro. This brings religions (faiths) to the Distro. Essentially religions are a new magic system. However, a player in a religion cannot use any magic based on Magery.

A Brief History
This package was originally created by Austin Heilman around 2001 or 2002. It is based on Sigismund’s cleric’s package. Sigismund was the lead developer of Journey’s End shard. Almost all of the scripts in their original form were written by Austin. Those scripts were updated, where necessary, to the current Core, version 100.0.0 by me. Thank you, Austin for the original package.

The following changes and additions were made by me:
The clerics.cfg file was reorganized.

The scripts now read from a data store datafile, faiths.txt, instead of reading religion information from the clerics.cfg.

Added a settings.cfg file and support for accessing it. Currently it holds info for automatically awarding piety.

start.src was added to initialize the faiths datafile upon initial run of this package.

Two developer commands were added, bkpfaiths and updatefaiths. These commands provide a means to backup and restore the faiths datafile. See the documentation for these commands later in this file.

Added Summon Mount, Summon Guardian, Argentine Sigil and Untrodden Paths rites to the package.

Added AI for the summoned guardians and fixed a bug in the Blade Barrier AI.

I added an altar to the package with some functions available when the altar is used (double-clicked). There are slightly different functions depending on whether a normal cleric is using it or the high, or head, priest.

I am certain there are other things I added and worked on but I cannot remember them.

Added some very basic documentation to the package. You are reading those docs. I admit the documentation is not up to my usual standards. Hopefully, I can improve on it at a later date.

Please note that this package has not been tested for “combat balance”. What this means is the rites may not be properly balanced against other methods of combat and as such the rites may be too weak or to strong when compared to other combat types.

Please see the documentation in /cleric/docs_etc for information on how to configure and use this package.

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