Byond the Shadows - POL92 server, 60+ FPS client

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Byond the Shadows - POL92 server, 60+ FPS client

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Hello everyone. I would like to annonce the revival of the server Byond the Shadows which had many players a few years ago. The server is OLDSCHOOL as hell, built on POL92. The server is well balanced and was developed over 18 years by the same person.

There are MANY features on the server, too many to list, but, here are some key features.

- Buyable town houses
- ALL skills can be automated, no need for macro tools.
- Custom materials with magical properties.
- Custom mechanics for all skills. You actually smith weapons on the anvil and upgrade it. Vendors will take your stuff, place them on a table and buy them from you.
- There are market stalls, you can place items for sale and NPCs will come over time to buy them.
- Auto looting
- Auto sorting of items
- Loot bags, sell bags, junk bags and many more.
- Custom loot, boss spawns, locked chest spawns, and many more.
- Specialisation skills system.
- Offline skill training with training credits
- Skill books for training.
- Dummy training.
And many many more..

Please visit and create an account then download the installer. It is a one click install and you can run the game using the shortcut on the desktop.

Our discord :

Have questions ? MSG me, Jepeto on Discord.
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