A new build of the Core is up 2020-03-25

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A new build of the Core is up 2020-03-25

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This build has been available for a couple of days. It adds support for the ClassicUO client's World Map that enables tracking guild and party members. This will stop the unknown 0xF0 packet that POL reports when players are using ClassicUO. ClassicUO is a third party client being developed by KaRaShO and his team. He is the developer of the Enhanced Map for UO.
From the core-changes.txt:

Code: Select all

03-19-2020 Kevin:
    Added: New Server Specific Option (servspecopt.cfg) EnableWorldMapPackets. If enabled, the server will respond to client
           requests for guild and party member locations. This option is disabled by default.
You can get this build from the POL Nightlies on GitHub.

If you want to download ClassicUO and test this new feature for POL, it would be appreciated. You can get ClassicUO builds from GitHub. KaRaShO has suggested that people use the dev build because it gets the latest features and bug fixes.
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