Please advise!

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Please advise!

Post by uritrelve »

I shut down my computer one night after just talking to friends on aim and printing things out for school, (its running completely fine nothing different than every other day). I come home from school and go to turn on my computer and it wont turn on. When i go to turn it on it turns on for just a second. The light flickers on and the fan starts to spin but only for a split second. I unplugged everything except the motherboard and tried to turn it on and the same thing still happens. Any ideas what could be wrong. (im thinking it may be the motherboard? or even the processor?) Im now on a different computer trying to get help for this problem. any help would be greatly apprieciated. HELP PLEAZZZZZ!!!!!

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Re: Please advise!

Post by *Edwards »

That could be a lot of things. I would first check your RAM stick, screen connection. I don't see anything else.
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Re: Please advise!

Post by CWO »

Didn't test the link in the sig but this almost smells of spam...
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Re: Please advise!

Post by Damien. »

If that is so it would be a completely useless spam. It doesn't even include porn :shame: