[probably fixed] Tool tips memory leak&lag

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Re: [probably fixed] Tool tips memory leak&lag

Post by Yukiko »

So what do you call it when a program gives back RAM after running for hours a "Memory Fill"?

Anyway, this is great news.

I don't know how many lines of code is in the Core source but it had to be a bear to chase this one down.

Great job guys!
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Re: [probably fixed] Tool tips memory leak&lag

Post by Nando »

The most impressive thing is that MuadDib was able to find the Packet bug without access to a compiler, UO, etc... REALLY amazing. He just got there looking for lines and lines of code and the next day there was an email: "Hey, here's the fix". :)

Guys, we've been quiet this week because we're working with a leak finder to squash these bugs for once. A LOT of small leaks were fixed for 098 (there were so many that it was impossible to fix them for 097.3 too) by Turley, MuadDib and me. If you thought 097.2 was good, we're hoping you'll find 098 beta 3 REALLY F*ING GOOD. :D
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Re: [probably fixed] Tool tips memory leak&lag

Post by OldnGrey »

What's this about 097.3????
repsys bug maybe? lol