Housing system update is coming.

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Housing system update is coming.

Post by Yukiko » Sun Jul 26, 2020 1:50 pm

I am very close to adding a complete refactoring of the multi and static housing systems. I completely separated the static housing from the multi-housing. They are in their own individual packages. The deeds package did not work with both systems before. Now it does. As far as I know from a survey I did some months ago, no one was using the Distro for a live server but some were using parts of it. This refactoring, or reprogramming if you will, might break any static deeded houses and _will_ break multi houses. For that, I am sorry. I needed to get the deeded items to work properly and the simplest way was to redesign how information about static, and multi, houses were handled. Before I add this to the Distro I want to write the documentation for using the static housing. I still have some finishing touches to do on the code. I have tried to use clilocs wherever possible for cross-language support. For some phrases, there is no cliloc phrase available. So those are in English. Before I add the changes I will notify you here and on the forums.

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