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Officially supported Distros.

Posted: Mon Mar 04, 2019 12:39 am
by Yukiko
I feel a need to clarify which Distros (with an uppercase 'D') are currently supported by the POL Distro Team.

There are two (2), the Classic Distro and the Modern Distro. They can be found on the Downloads page.

The Classic Distro is based on the POL 095 Distro but has been updated internally to run on the most recent Core versions. The attributes package, and some other packages, have been updated as well but the crafting gumps are from the "good old days" when there were custom gumps for each crafting skill. This is the most stable and, hopefully, the most bug free Distro. If you are new to POL this is the version to start with.

The Modern Distro is an attempt to implement the "new" features as of the Age of Shadows expansion. It is a work in progress and may have bugs and incomplete features. That having been said, it does compile and you can use it for game-play but it needs testing and some features are not yet implemented. Some of the features awaiting implementation are the "modifiers" such as reduced reagent cost, lower mana cost, swing speed increase, and faster recovery. Those features are not yet supported by the Core. There is no support for displaying those values in the status gump for example. One other feature of the Modern Distro is a uniform crafting gump across all crafting skills. Though it is not as attractive as the custom gumps, it does provide for easier addition of items that can be crafted. Personally, when I am playing, I like the appearance of the old-style gumps but when I am adding new craftables to the skills, the uniform gump is much easier to work with.

Those are the currently supported Distros.

That does not prevent anyone from asking for help on these forums for other eScript shard script sets, which some call "distros". They are not official POL Distros but our community will provide assistance if they can. If you are using one of these alternative script sets and you are encountering problems, the appropriate forum for help is Scripting Help.

Please only post in the Distro Bug Reports forum bugs encountered when you are using one of the two official Distros.

Thank you for your help and for using POL.

Re: Officially supported Distros.

Posted: Mon Jul 08, 2019 12:13 pm
by Yukiko
Just a reminder: The Modern Distro is a work in progress. It is somewhat incomplete. Feel free to use it but keep in mind that it is missing a few things, for example poisoning.