UO Convert - Mount tiles

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UO Convert - Mount tiles

Post by gh0sterZA » Fri Apr 21, 2017 4:50 am


I am curious if there is a specific reason for the tiles listed in the "mount " section of uoconvert.cfg

Code: Select all

	// If this element exists, and if Tiles exist within it, then those tiles with the graphic IDs
	// listed will be considered to be mounts by uoconvert and will set the layer to be the
	// mount layer and it will set the tile to be equippable.
	Tiles  0x3e90 0x3e91 0x3e92 0x3e94 0x3e95 0x3e97 0x3e98 0x3e9a 0x3e9b 0x3e9c 0x3e9d 0x3e9e 0x3e9f 0x3ea0 0x3ea1 0x3ea2 0x3ea3 0x3ea4 0x3ea5 0x3ea6 0x3ea7 0x3ea8 0x3ea9 0x3eaa 0x3eab 0x3eac 0x3ead 0x3eaf 0x3eb0 0x3eb1 0x3eb2 0x3eb3 0x3eb4 0x3eb5 0x3eb6 0x3eb7 0x3eb8 0x3eba 0x3ebb 0x3ebc 0x3ebd 0x3ebe 0x3f6f
If I use fiddler I see that these are actually graphics of ship parts in some cases.
ship.PNG (20.6 KiB) Viewed 1135 times
I am using the "distro scripts" from *Edwards but want to change the available mounts. \pkg\items\mounts\config\mounts.cfg contains the mapping between mobile graphic and mount graphic - the tiles listed in uoconvert.

The graphics don't seem to be displayed, ie. when I mount a horse I do not see the "ship part" graphic, however I guess this could prevent me using that range of graphics as ship components?


After a little trial and error I have made a list of (more or less) what the tiles reflect.
just FYI in case anyone interested

Code: Select all

0x3e90		0x114 Raptalon
0x3e91		0x115 CuShidhe
0x3e92		0x11C MondainSteed
0x3e94		0xF3 Hai-Riyo
0x3e95		0xA9 0x317 GiantBeetle  (0xC3 Ethereal)
0x3e97 		0xA9 0x317 GiantBeetle  (0xC3 Ethereal)
0x3e98		0x31A Swamp Dragon (0xC2 Ethereal)
0x3e9a		0xBB Ridgeback (0xC1 Ethereal)
0x3e9b 		0x7A Unicorn (0xc0 Ethereal) 
0x3e9c		0x84 Kirin (0xBF Ethereal)
0x3e9d		0x7A Unicorn (0xc0 Ethereal) 
0x3e9e 		0xBE FireSteed
0x3e9f 		0xC8 Horse
0x3ea0		0xE2 Horse
0x3ea1		0xE4 Horse
0x3ea2 		0xCC Horse
0x3ea3		0xD2 DesertOstard
0x3ea4		0xDA FrenziedOstard 
0x3ea5		0xDB ForestOstard 
0x3ea6		0xDC Llama
0x3ea7		0x74 0xB1 0xB2 0xB3 NightMare (dunno which, my eyesight not good enough to tell apart)
0x3ea8 		0x74 0xB1 0xB2 0xB3 NightMare 
0x3ea9 		0x74 0xB1 0xB2 0xB3 NightMare 
0x3eaa		0x73 EtherealHorse
0x3eab		0x18 EtherealLlama 
0x3eac		0xAB EtherealOstard
0x3ead		0xBF EtherealKirin 
0x3eaf		0x78 MinaxWarHorse
0x3eb0		0x79 ShadowLordWarHorse
0x3eb1 		0x77 MageCouncilWarHorse
0x3eb2		0x76 BritanniaWarHorse
0x3eb3		0x90 "Sea" Horse
0x3eb4		0x7A Unicorn (0xc0 Ethereal) 
0x3eb5		0x74 0xB1 0xB2 0xB3 NightMare 
0x3eb6 		0x74 0xB1 0xB2 0xB3 NightMare 
0x3eb7 		0x74 0xB1 0xB2 0xB3 NightMare 
0x3eb8		0xBC SavageRidgeback 
0x3eba		0xBB RidgeBack
0x3ebb		0x319 SkeletalHorse 
0x3ebc		0xA9 0x317 GiantBeetle  (0xC3 Ethereal)
0x3ebd 		0x31A Swamp Dragon (0xC2 Ethereal)
0x3ebe 		0x31F Armor Swamp Dragon

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Re: UO Convert - Mount tiles

Post by b0ris » Thu May 25, 2017 9:02 am

someone fit that mount to type ?

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