How to get a distro version ( August 29, 2013 ) [SVN]

Archive of posts related to former distro versions. Be aware that posts here do not refer to the current distro and may not work.

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How to get a distro version ( August 29, 2013 ) [SVN]

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This file includes instructions for how to retrieve
the distro code while it is in development.

This guide is for users of Windows.

!!! NOTICE !!!

Please be aware that this is a live deveopment environment.
Things will change and at times a script may not compile.
Do not use it for a live shard because of the above mentioned reasons.

Any issues, comments, compliments:
Post to the 'POL Distro Dev' board at

If you are interested in working on the distro then please contact the POL Support Team.

!!! NOTICE !!!

* First you will need the TortoiseSVN client.
The purpose of this program is to keep the files up to date for you.

* Download the latest ".msi (Windows installer)" file.

* Install the program to where you normally install stuff and reboot when it asks.

* NOTE: <###> Refers to a version number.
Example: 095 096 097 098 (currently 095, 096 and 097 are available)

To retrieve all distro versions, omit /releases/<###>

* Create a folder called "Distro-<###>" and right click it.
Example: Distro-096
* Select "SVN Checkout"

* For the URL of the repository enter ... /releases/<###>

Click [okay]

* It will begin downloading the files for the disto.

* When it has completed retrieving the files, click [okay]

* In the future you can right click here and select "SVN Update" to retrieve the latest files.

[ <###> CORE ]
* Download the latest POL <###> core.

* Save it next to the "Distro-<###>" folder.

* Extract the following files from the zip file to the "Distro-<###>/distro" folder:

* Extract the following files from the zip file to the "Distro-<###>/distro/scripts" folder:

* Extract all of the .em files from the zip file to the "Distro-<###>/distro/scripts/modules" folder:

* Double click "StartHere.bat" and follow the menus.
* Start with realms.
- Copy the client files over.
- Run "UO convert" on them.

* Compile all scripts

* Start POL
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How to actually connect

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This covers connection for a local client (POL and UO on the same computer)
You will need to read the documentation on servers.cfg and your router/firewall (if you have one) to setup a real server for outside connections. This does not cover external client connections, but much of the information here applies to them.

Note: This guide is for the latest Ultima Online client (at this time, UO Gold) and cores starting at version 096.

If you do not have a UO client, download it at ... einfo.html

Make sure to patch all the way up.

In your Ultima Online installation directory, edit your login.cfg file to have a ; at the begining of every line (this comments them out)

In the login.cfg file add the line

Next you will need to remove encryption from your client.
To do-so, you will need UO-Rice. You can get it from:

Extract the UO rice zip file contents to your Ultima Online directory.

Run the 'uo_rice' executable. It will find your 2d and 3d clients and make copies of them with the name 'No_Crypt_' at the begining of the file name.

Launch the client of your choice (2d or 3d) and login!

The base account in the distro is:
Username: admin
Password: admin
This account has a GM character on it. Any other username and password combination used will result in the creation of a normal user account.