BankStone 097

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BankStone 097

Post by Poi » Mon Oct 04, 2010 10:35 am

This is an edited & updated package for a bankstone.
Original BankStone
BankStone 1.0

Place in \pkg\ directory.

Just to be clear I was not the original person to make this script, I edited almost everything from the
original though. I claim absolutely no rights to this script, anyone can use or change this script as you please.

- A bank stone that can be set to a specific player(only that player and staff can open their bank from that
- Staff can place bankstones(with the .create command) so that any player can use it(Great for tournament areas).
- Players can only place the stone in their own house(staff can place anywhere).
- Staff can use the .setowner command to change the owner of a stone.
- Players can use the .redeed command to get the deed back and destroy the stone.
- Bank Gems that payers can put in their backpack and use from anywhere.

- BankstoneNS
- BankstoneEW
- BankGem
- BankGemnewbie
- Bankstonedeed

- Setowner (Usage: .setowner -> target bankstone -> target new owner)
- Redeed (Usage: .redeed -> target bankstone)

If you would like to see any features added, please email me( or send me a pm (Poi) on
POL forums :)
Or you can add/change/remove whatever you would like.
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