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Shard Status XML Output

Post by Austin » Tue May 27, 2008 6:24 am

This is part of a supr sekrit project that Luth, Adam, Melanius and myself have been plotting like cartoon mice in a cage... and this time we might just take over the world(s).

To use this, place it in <POL>/scripts/www/

Later when a larger project is complete, there will be a system that will poll this page a maximum of once every 60 seconds to show your shard status and some information about it.

This functionality / feature is not required to participate and will remain optional.
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Post by coltain » Tue May 27, 2008 12:35 pm

tested it and... i cant belive...

40 players and after an hour of gameplay this data is incredibly small

Przepustowosc [bajtow otrzymanych]: 2.34993 MB
Przepustowosc [bajtow wyslanych]: 36.37 MB
Srednia ilosc bajtow otrzymanych [na sekunde]: 618 bytes
Srednia ilosc bajtow wyslanych [na sekunde]: 9.3457 KB

used code:

Code: Select all

	WriteHTML("Przepustowosc [bajtow otrzymanych]: <RX>"+FormatBytes(core_ref.bytes_received)+"</RX><br>");
	WriteHTML("Przepustowosc [bajtow wyslanych]: <TX>"+FormatBytes(core_ref.bytes_sent)+"</TX><br>");
    WriteHTML("Srednia ilosc bajtow otrzymanych [na sekunde]: <RX>"+FormatBytes(core_ref.bytes_received/core_ref.uptime)+"</RX><br>");
    WriteHTML("Srednia ilosc bajtow wyslanych [na sekunde]: <RX>"+FormatBytes(core_ref.bytes_sent/core_ref.uptime)+"</RX><br>");
is this correct?

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