This package will decorate the facets (realms).

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This package will decorate the facets (realms).

Post by Yukiko » Tue Feb 01, 2022 8:25 pm

First, I want to express my sincere thanks to ThisIsMe for creating/modifying the C# code to extract the items into configuration files that this package uses to decorate the facets. I also want to thank the ServUO community for providing the mechanism for ThisIsMe to accomplish the extraction of items.

This is a new package, replacing the original decoration package that was previously in the Modern Distro. The code is much cleaner, as are the config files. This package does not spawn vendors or NPCs. It only places decorations.

This package is in the Modern Distro but I am posting it here for those who might want it for their server.
There are four commands in the package:
decoratefacetss - will open a gump asking if the shard is using a post Stygian Abyss or pre Stygian Abyss map. This is because Magincia was changed with Stygian Abyss. After you choose your post or pre SA option, a new gump will open listing all facets (realms) active on your server. Select the facets you want to decorate and click on the Continue button and the selected facets will be decorated. The decoratefacets program places a CProp,"Static", on each item it places in a facet.
undecoratefacets - will remove all, and only those, decorations from a facet placed by the decoratefacets command.
udestroy - this command specifically checks a targeted item for the "Static" CProp and will only delete those items with that CProp.
udestroymany <range (1 to 10)> this command will delete items within the specified range if they have the "Static" CProp on them.

I suggest modifying your destroy command to prevent decorations from accidentally being deleted from the world. It should look for the CProp and prevent the deletion of those items.

This package is dependent upon several packages from the Distro but if your server does not have them, you should be able to modify it to work in your server. The real heart of this package is the config files that are in the decorations folder.

I hope you find this useful.
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Re: This package will decorate the facets (realms).

Post by b0ris » Tue Feb 01, 2022 10:27 pm

Great ! I'll have a look after work.

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