serverspecopt setting question: DefaultAttributeCap

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serverspecopt setting question: DefaultAttributeCap

Post by Yukiko » Sat Aug 19, 2017 12:02 am

If I understand correctly this is the default cap per attribute in tenths (setting it to 1000 == 100.0) and not the aggregate of all attributes. This is what seems to be indicated by Core changes. Is my understanding correct?

From core-changes.txt:

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03-17-2009 Nando:
    Added:   New ssopt option: DefaultAttributeCap (default 1000), defines
             which value POL should use as cap for attributes.
    Added:   New attributes.cfg option: DefaultCap (default DefaultAttributeCap),
             to set the default for each attribute.
    Added:   GetAttributeCap(who, attr), SetAttributeCap(who, attr, capvalue) and
             GetAttributeDefaultCap(attr). The names should explain it all.
     Note:   Caps are defined in tenths (100.0 -> 1000, 55.2 -> 552), same as 
             base values.

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