Problem with hue in GumpPic

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Problem with hue in GumpPic

Post by Dezzmond » Mon Jan 30, 2017 2:51 am

Hello. Sorry for my terrible english, but it isn`t my native language. I have problem with color my gump by hue in GumpPic. I try to create my own Character Crator like this in SendCharacterRaceChanger(). I need to have skin color preview so i create character gump, but when I color my gump by "hue":

"GumpPic 185 50 13 hue=33770"

something goes wrong. Color 0 displays as 0, colors 1 - 2999 displays as color + 1. Colors higher than 2999 doesn`t displays. How to color gump as skin hue? Since in Paperdoll color displays properly, in gump also should be. Please help :-)

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