UO Fiddler Guide

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UO Fiddler Guide

Post by Ara » Thu Jul 08, 2021 12:20 pm

I bought a client and the tiledata does not seem to have the correct flags. I'm testing it doesn't seem to work. I found some tutorial, however I was wondering for a window, taking only the window flag is it supposed to make the light source or you have to also check the light source or not?

Is it possible to have a complete guide, like a wall if we don't want the attacks to go through I imagine it's noshot, just like impassive so that we don't go through.

Is there a complete guide with all the flags?

thank you in advance

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Re: UO Fiddler Guide

Post by AsYlum » Wed Aug 18, 2021 9:24 am

Sorry for late response. I don't think that there is extensive guide on flags and other properties of the client. Reason is nobody knows exactly how EA/OSI and original servers are using the flags. Community was able to decrypt/reverse engineer most of the stuff so we know a lot but it's still probably 90% with some details missing.

So the best approach would be to take original client and look for similar items and what sets of flags are set on them and then create new item. If that's not enough then only thing that is left is to just experiment and take notes. Most of the flags are pretty self-explanatory.

P.S. For future questions you can use separate forum that is specific for UOFiddler viewforum.php?f=32 I tend to look there more often :)

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