A new Core is available built on 2019-12-30.

Here you can post threads on the development of the current release of the core (100)

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A new Core is available built on 2019-12-30.

Post by Yukiko » Tue Dec 31, 2019 11:28 pm

There is a new build of the Core available for download. Turley has made some fixes to the custom housing build system. Kevin has added definitions for two "new" packets, 0xFA and 0xFB. This will prevent the console reporting these packets as unknown packets. I believe eventually the UO Store packet, 0xFA, will start a script in /scripts/misc to allow shard developers to create their own store.

You can download the latest build from the Downloads page.

From core-changes.txt:

Code: Select all

-- POL100 --
12-29-2019 Kevin:
  Added:   Added definitions for packets 0xFA (Open UO Store) and 0xFB (Update View Public House Contents).
12-28-2019 Turley:
  Changed: house.house_parts member returns now when in edit mode the current (possible not yet confirmed)
           list of parts instead of an error.
  Changed: misc/customhousecommit.src no more has a third parameter elements.
           Before this parameter was the only option to get the current working list,
           but since the client is able to modify the house further especially when the script shows a confirm dialog the given list is outdated.
           Its highly recommended in case of an confirm dialog to calculate the price again after gump confirmation!
  Changed: syshook CloseCustomHouse now gets also called when client disconnects
  Fixed:   Several other bugs with custom houses
           Thx Pumpkins!
12-28-2019 DevGIB:
  Fixed:   CustomHouses when no backup existed the foundation vanished on pressing revert.

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