There is a freshly baked Core out and is it yummy!11

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There is a freshly baked Core out and is it yummy!11

Post by Yukiko » Sun Oct 13, 2019 8:45 pm

I know you're probably stuffed from eating the last Core but you'll love this new one. Turley added some tasty new ingredients.A scrumptious new flavour, the"pre/post increment/decrement unary operators", will delight your taste buds. It can simplify your own eScript recipes. Plus, he was kind enough to add in my suggestion, a setting that will cause eCompile that will error when there is a case mismatch between a script reference to an include file and the name of the file on disc.

So be certain to rush over to the POl Bakery and pick-up the new Core!

From the core-changes.txt:

Code: Select all

-- POL100 --
10-05-2019 Turley:
  Changed: ECompile reports warnings and errors to cerr instead of printing everything to cout.
           Exit code of ECompile is 1 when at least one file fails to compile.
  Added:   ecompile.cfg ErrorOnFileCaseMissmatch (default 0)
           commandline flag -c
           Leads to a compilation error if the capitalization of the include directive does not match the filename.
           This has only a meaning on windows.
           The existing warning is now an official warning meaning that the error on warning flag leads also to an abort.
  Added:   pre/post increment/decrement unary operator (++i, i++, --i, i--) for integer and doubles.
           ++i is the same as writing i+=1 or i:=i+1
           i++ returns the old value, thus its equal to j:=i; i+=1;
           Since it is an unary operator it can be directly used as function parameter or eg while loops.
           Instead of writing
           while (i<5)
           you can directly write
           while (++i<5)
  Note:    The operators are only implemented for numbers but this includes also eg. arrays or members when it represents a number. So ++a[1], ++who.fire_resist_mod are also valid.
           Performance wise is i:=i+1 the slowest then i+=1 then i++ then ++i. (i++ is slower since it returns the old value). 
10-03-2019 Turley:
  Fixed:   min/max damage visualization in the statbar are now cropped between 0 and 65k like damage calculation.

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