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A new Core has been baked as of 2019-08-28

Posted: Tue Aug 27, 2019 10:16 pm
by Yukiko
That's right! A new Core build is fresh out of the oven. Be sure to get to the POL Bakery and pick-up your fresh Core whilst supplies last. There are no new flavours such as coconut or banana, just some minor adjustments to the already delicious recipe to make it taste even better.

From the core-changes.txt file:

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-- POL100 --
08-26-2019 Nando:
  Changed: Improved how the debug, www and aux servers handle connections. They should be faster and more stable now. Minor issues fixed.
08-21-2019 DevGIB:
  Fixed:   Missing default on GetProcess( pid ), this is now GetProcess( pid:= 0 ) to align with docs and functionallity. Please update your os.em file and recompile.