A new Core build is up for 2019-04-26.

Here you can post threads on the development of the current release of the core (100)

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A new Core build is up for 2019-04-26.

Post by Yukiko » Fri Apr 26, 2019 6:45 pm

Yep. A new Core is available on the Downloads page.

There are no outward features that players will see but there are very important networking improvements by Nando and Turley. Plus a change to attributes.em, the addition of a precision constant when retrieving an attribute value. See the excerpt from core-changes below.

From the core-changes.txt:

Code: Select all

-- POL100 --
04-26-2019 Nando:
  Changed: Improved connection handling. Linux won't be limited to 1024 clients anymore, recent Windows shouldn't be affected besides some slight performance gain. 
     Note: POL now requires at least Windows Vista / Server 2008. Let us know if Windows XP was important to you.
  Removed: pol.cfg option "ListenPort". It was deprecated since 2012 (and likely didn't work). You should use a Listener in uoclient.cfg.
  Removed: pol.cfg option "Multithread". It was deprecated since 2016 and unstable. Also removed the method OS::System_RPM(), which was only useful for singlethreaded POL.
04-26-2019 Turley: 
    Added: pol.cfg setting "LoginServerTimeout". Defines a timeout for new connections to the loginserver. 
           Defaults to 10 minutes, should give enough time to select a character.
03-19-2019 Kevin:
  Changed: attributes::GetAttribute now accepts an optional parameter to specify the precision of the attribute
           value returned. Use ATTRIBUTE_PRECISION_NORMAL (default) to use the existing precision, or 
           ATTRIBUTE_PRECISION_TENTHS to get the value in tenths.

           Since this is a change to the module function's number of arguments, you MUST recompile your scripts.

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