New Core build on 2018-01-21.

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New Core build on 2018-01-21.

Post by Yukiko » Mon Jan 21, 2019 10:25 pm

Yep! There's a fresh batch of the latest Core build waiting for you at the POL Bake Shop.

A few new ingredients have been added to the recipe and one potentially bad one removed. So get over to the Bake Shop and get your Core before supplies are depleted. :)

Form the core-changes.txt:

Code: Select all

-- POL100 --
01-21-2019 Nando:
  Changed: account.split() will now return an AccountRef to the new account instead of "true".
01-17-2019 Kevin:
    Fixed: Vendor purchases could overflow
01-01-2019 Turley:
  Changed: DepletedFunction hook now receives a second parameter: reason
           The values are:
           0: Regenerate, 1: Damage, 2: Movement, 3: Death, 4: Resurrect, 5: Script
12-30-2018 Turley:
  Added:   vitals.cfg optional entry DepletedFunction
           gets called once the vital reaches 0.
           Given Argument is character reference
           Like the other entries the syntax is ScriptName:ExportedFunctionName
12-21-2018 Turley:
  Fixed:   CPU usage of UseSingleThreadLogin

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