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New Core build for 2018-10-14

Posted: Sun Oct 14, 2018 2:26 pm
by Yukiko
We have a new Core build up for download here.
Thank yous all around to Turley for giving us user definable method scripts for some POL Class Objects.
From the core-changes.txt file you can see the list of objects affected:

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-- POL100 --
10-13-2018 Turley:
  Added:   syshook.cfg SystemMethod for defining object class method scripts.
           Like itemdesc method scripts overriding builtin methods is possible, the builtin method can be called when prefixing with _.
           For UObject classes like shown in the objref docs the inheritance is respected
           so methods defined for items will be usable in weapons and methods defined in equipment override uobject methods.
           Valid cfg keys are:
           uobject, item, equipment, lockable, map, multi, armor, weapon, door, container, boat,
           house, spellbook, corpse, npc, character, client, account, party, guild
           Itemdesc/Npctemplate specific method scripts will still be first checked.
  Note:    uoclient.cfg MethodScript entry is deprecated
10-12-2018 DevGIB:
  Changed: Added -1 as acceptable return from ConsumeAmmunition hook which will make the core continue with the normal ammunition checks.