Distro 098 compilation errors

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Distro 098 compilation errors

Post by ELSoft » Thu Jul 16, 2009 2:36 pm

Hi!, I download the last SVN Rev. of Distro 098 and i found some errors:

# In guildMenu.src in line 41 it miss a ;
var guild_id := who.guildid
should be
var guild_id := who.guildid;

# In useScissors.src in line 104

var menu_entry := FindConfigElem(menu_config, "Tailoring");
playCraftWork(who, menu_entry.CraftSound, 1, 1, menu_entry.CraftAnim);

but in crafting.inc
function playCraftWork(who, craft_skill, sound_type)

the compiler thows "Too many parameters passed to playCraftWork"

[Possible Solution ¿? ]
*Delete 104
*Change 105 to playCraftWork(who, "Tailoring", 1);

# In craftConfig.cfg 203 & 219
In both use CraftSound but in playCraftWork of crafting.inc
case (sound_type)
1: craftSound := menu_config[craft_skill].CraftSound1;
2: craftSound := menu_config[craft_skill].CraftSound2;
3: craftSound := menu_config[craft_skill].CraftSound3;
default: craftSound := menu_config[craft_skill].CraftSound1;
should be replaced CraftSound with CraftSound1

# In containers/config/itemdesc.cfg
For the Town Chest System the path of the CreateScript, CanInsertScript, etc ... is townchest/* but the folder name is townChest.

# In attributes.cfg
Attribute DetectingHidden
AttributeType Skill
DisplayName Detect Hidden
Script :detecthidden:detectHidden
SkillId 14
Title Scout

StatCheck Intelligence 100 1d4+20
but the script name is detecthidden.src

Attribute TasteIdentification
AttributeType Skill
DisplayName Taste Identification
Script :tasteidentification:tasteidentification
SkillId 36
Title Chef

StatCheck Intelligence 100 1d4+20
but the script name is tasteIdentification.src

PD: I'm using Linux.