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Feature Request: Update POL Core to use the new book header packet.

Posted: Wed Jun 05, 2019 11:22 pm
by Yukiko
Currently POL uses the old book header packet:

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 Packet: 0x93
Sent By: Both
Size: 99 Bytes

Packet Build
BYTE[1] 0x93
BYTE[4] Book Serial
BYTE[1] Write Flag (see notes)
BYTE[1] 0x1 (unknown)
BYTE[2] Page Count
BYTE[60] Title
BYTE[30] Author

Subcommand Build

Write Flag

    0: Not Writable
    1: Writable

Server version of packet is followed by packet 0x66 for Book Contents.

Client sends a 0x93 message on book close. Update packet for the server to handle changes. Write Flag through Page Count are all 0's on client response
There is a "new" packet available:

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 Packet: 0xD4
Sent By: Both
Size: Variable

Packet Build
BYTE[1] cmd
BYTE[2] length
BYTE[4] book ID
BYTE[1] flag1
BYTE[1] flag2 ( writable ? )
BYTE[2] number of pages
BYTE[2] length of author (0 terminator included)
BYTE[?][2] author (Unicode, 0 terminated)
BYTE[2] length of title (0 terminator included)
BYTE[?][2] title (Unicode, 0 terminated)

Subcommand Build

Packet sent from server when opening a book: opening book writeable: flag1+flag2 both 1 (opening readonly book: flag1+flag2 0, unverified though)

client side: flag1+flag2 both 0, number of pages 0.

Opening books goes like this:
open book ->
server sends 0xd4(title + author)
server sends 0x66 with all book data "beyond" title + author

if title + author changed: client side 0xd4 send

if other book pages changed: 0x66 client side send.