A proposal for a new ecompile.cfg setting.

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A proposal for a new ecompile.cfg setting.

Post by Yukiko » Thu Jun 28, 2018 9:50 pm

Over the years of working with eScript I have had to fix bugs in my scripts/programs more times than I can count. Well, I am tired of my scripts not working as I intend them to work. So I propose adding a new eCompile directive in the form of a setting in ecompile.cfg. The acronym for this setting is DWIM or Do What I Mean. DWII is an acceptable alternative acronym, Do What I Intend. When set to 1 this would empower eCompile to take into account my intended function of the program and compile the code accordingly. Please note that eCompile would not rewrite the source code. There would be no need for that as the correction would happen during the compilation process. This would totally eliminate all bugs from my compiled code.

This directive would apply intentions unique to each programmer who executes eCompile. Thus it would not guarantee a bug free compilation for "borrowed" code. If I choose to use buggy code written by Fred, eCompile would infer my intentions and not Fred's. If Fred's code was supposed to do something different than it was written to do eCompile would not know what that was because I would be executing eCompile, not Fred. So I could still end-up tracking down bugs but at least they would not be mine! We would have to work out how it would handle a "borrowed" include file that might have errors. I suppose as it is a borrowed file eCompile would not take my intentions into account and compile any "included" code from the include file as it is written and thus there could still be bugs, but not any I introduced.

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# Do What I Mean. Compile the code to work as I meant it to work, not as the source code is written.
# Can be set to 0, compile as written, or 1, compile as I meant the code to function.
# DWIM 0 or 1 (default is 0)

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