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Inline webserver

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 12:58 pm
by Alwir
I don't complain, it's only feature request )))

We have internal webserver it's very good, in pol.cfg we have section about web server and option WebServerDebug. When this option is turned on, we have some info in console. But if I turn off this option I continue to get info as "HTTP client connected from ....". If I will use server very often this info close all console output.

I offer to do different levels:
0 - without any info
1 - short info as now WebServerDebug=0
2 - full info as now WebServerDebug=1.

And two. Andenixa have suggested good idea. Can we do POST-inquiry and headers in webserver?

Sorry if I missed same request.

Thanks to advance.