2 Begginer/Novice Problems Please Help :(

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2 Begginer/Novice Problems Please Help :(

Post by valdeniomarinho » Tue Jun 23, 2015 9:11 pm

:D Hello Dev Team. First of all, i just need to thanks for this great project for the uo community.

I am just a noob trying to do my first shard, so, i have got some problems, and i hope find some help here :(

:o List of the Problems:

01 - That part when we use the "StartHere.bat" and set it to execute "ecompile.exe" for compile all the scripts, then it runs ok, but at the final i got 14 errors (14 scripts not compiled i think), i am usind Distro 099. :( For info the .log from the "ecompile.exe" is attached above:
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02 - I dont know if this problem happens coz problem 01, btw, the problem is i cant login to the server, it loads and runs all ok, but when i try to login fail... (i just dont know what to do...) :( For info check this image above:

:shame: Thats it for while just these two problems.
:grouphug: Thanks For All DevTeam.

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Re: 2 Begginer/Novice Problems Please Help :(

Post by Nando » Wed Jun 24, 2015 3:38 am


You should post the errors you get when compiling.

The port you are trying to connect, 5003, is somehow being used by the HTTP server. Did you change something in pol.cfg? The message is being hidden in the console, but there it says that it is "... listening for clients on port 2593..." and "... listening for HTTP clients on port 5003 ...".

When you try to connect, you can see that the text is showing up as "HTTP client connected..." and then POL gets confused. That's why you can't login.

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