POL 095 Scripts for TSSE (April 2005)

Scripts for an entire shard, alternatives to the distro made by other users

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Re: POL 095 Scripts for TSSE (April 2005)

Post by JaceAce » Wed Jun 10, 2009 6:15 pm

Havent stopped updating it. Ill check out the newcharacter package to see if its more complete than what is already there. I have been working a bunch havent had time recently. But should be on it again in the morning :)

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Re: POL 095 Scripts for TSSE (April 2005)

Post by JaceAce » Sun Jun 14, 2009 5:29 pm

First, This was a tough script set to get up and running!

I hope anyone who finds this useful appreciates the work that I just put into what we have now!

Second, Important! This is not a "ready to use" script set! Don't download and email me with the problems. I dont know who will be the future maintainer of the script set, not I :).

Third, If you found it to be helpful, be kind let me know. Again, I spent alot of work on this one just to get it to this state of being...

Now, I may have forgotten some stuff but here is what I did to get it working up to this point.

1. I added .newaccount script - to add accounts.
2. I set the ports to 7002 Encripted, 7003 non encripted, 7000 web... etc used the 7000 port numbers... obviously you can change this if desired.
3. Removing accounts appear to be in a "broke" state last I checked. May need to remove accounts manually... not sure.
4. Created 1 account name admin pass admin.
5. Added 2 .go locations - Star room, and Britainia.
6. Newcharacter package now moves new characters to star room before setting up the character...
7. Newcharacter package - CHKBOX_GRAY_A and CHKBOX_GRAY_B appeared not to work
properly. changed to CHKBOX_SAND_A and CHKBOX_SAND_B which appeared to work.

This works for me using the Mondain's Legacy - fully updated and pol 098 server.

Thanks to Pol! And All who worked on this script set in the Past! Austin :)

Happy Gaming! :grouphug:

Another quick note: whoever plans on maintaining this script set might want to set up a new message thread so alot of these old messages dont exist with the future maintained download... just a thought ...
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