Manual Client Patching Help!

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Manual Client Patching Help!

Post by Sagecraft » Mon Aug 06, 2018 1:20 pm

Whatsup? Have a question and need some advice (wasn’t too sure where to post this),

So long story short, I’m attempting to manually patch a t2a client v1.25.35 to version 4.0.0e. I have all the programs needed to do this as well as the patch files downloaded from the Ultima Online Patch Repository. My question is “what is the correct file name for a t2a era patch”?

For example my patch files are named “gold_win32_1-25-35g.pat” all the way up to v4.0.0e. Being that the patch is named “gold” my t2a client does not recognize them. What is the correct file name for a t2a client patch so that I can use these files to manually upgrade?

My best guess would be somewhere around the lines of “uo_win32_1-25-35g.pat” or “t2a_win32_1-25-35g.pat”. However neither of the names worked..

Any advice? Thanks!

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Re: Manual Client Patching Help!

Post by CWO » Thu Aug 09, 2018 8:26 am

A long time ago I made manual patches that you can just unzip into your UO directory. The ones I made will patch you a bit further to 4.0.2a patch 2.

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