Simple Ultima Multi Patch

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Simple Ultima Multi Patch

Post by Yukiko » Tue Oct 25, 2016 9:07 pm

Here's another client patcher for UO clients. It's supposed to support clients version 4.x to 7.x but according to the this post it doesn't appear to support all version 7 clients. Thanks to Bodom for posting this info in the thread I linked to. I decided to go ahead and add it to the UO Tools forum. Here is the link on the POL server for SUMP. There's a ReadMe.txt file with usage info in our copy of the ZIP file as well as a directory containing the source code.

From the original source of the program which can be found here.:

Code: Select all

Simple Ultima Multi Patcher .4
Currently supported UO clients: 4.x - 7.x
Note: wildcards are supported for filename. For example: *.exe

Usage: SUMP.exe <filename> <options>
Example: SUMP.exe client.exe -m -l -s -b -g -e -h

-m : Apply multi-uo patch which allows you to run multiple clients.
-l : Apply always light patch.
-s : Remove stamina check when pushing through mobiles.
-b : Apply Batlin's sleep patch to reduce CPU usage.
-g : Apply Garret's patch to display no-draw items.
-e : Remove protocol encryption (and decryption).
-h : Apply hifi's global sound patch which enables sound for minimized client.

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