Genesis 2.5.2c Released (Map Creator, like Dragon)

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Genesis 2.5.2c Released (Map Creator, like Dragon)

Post by MuadDib » Fri Jul 31, 2009 4:20 pm

This early morning of 3am, I decided to do a release of 2.5.2c, some folks have been waiting for some of these features I just added...

Enjoy them, and please report bugs if there are any, and if you have ANY questions, and support I can and will provide you information :).

This coming week I'll be adding new transitions and what not but as I have other projects like helping Jeff from ConnectUO with getting some things done for ConnectUO2.

2.5.2c -- 7/31/2009
- Added a new PackedValue into the Importer Functionality, so you can either do RGB or Web Hex of the PackedValue for example... PackedValue="3f3f3f" which is the same as R="63" G="63" B="63".
- Added Dragon MOD 9 Importer for those who used Dragon in the past and want to convert to Genesis 2. Understand, the importer is not 100% perfect and will try to convert the best of it's ability. It should help, the terrain file is what really matters, the altitude file can be redone for most users, but Genesis 2 will still convert to both :)...
- Added a new Swatch Color Chart that is exported with the ACO, ACT Files...
- Note, Dragon importing takes more time than other importing based because of the single file, therefore for this to happen, it has to do a double lookup for each Altitude & Terrain for a Dragon based Map. Although you only need to import once anyway =).
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