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Here you can post about UO Tools not specific to POL, but to the UO Client. This includes map editors, custom clients, mul editors (except UOFiddler, use it's forum), and so on.

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Re: PH Release Date

Post by runtest » Mon Jun 20, 2011 7:02 pm

I do not post 10 different places under this name. I do believe here and one other place. Anyhow, new topic for this. Is located in the POL Tools section. As of last year my life fell in the can. Wife left, cat died, lost my job all at once. Took a good year to get my life back into one piece. Orbsydia fell into ruins, my tool got taken over by a project called Genesis, that never got finished due to the creator stopping and rewriting the damn thing over and over. The thing is still being rewritten... Again...

So I am back now with a POL server running solid on a 54 MB line linux host. The tool can be found here in Alpha.

Anyhow, sorry to anyone I kept waiting. I am also working with Ryan on the new UOGATEWAY, that also fell to the way side. Hopefully I will have a working Alpha for him this weekend. I had a e-script tutorial site but I scrapped that due to the fact it was for POL 95. And I am no longer supporting that. Instead any tutorials I do have time for will be text and on this forum.

When the shard is done we will release our scripts as a completed shard with spawns, decoration and vendors. Real life keeps butting in though and I am still in a bit of a financial hole. So I will be on and off for some time.

@tIme - Little late to respond but hey. If you are who I think you are, no. I am not going to script for you. Sorry if I got the wrong person but I do not think I do.

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