[fixed] about moving

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[fixed] about moving

Post by taxman » Thu Feb 26, 2009 12:36 am

<taxman> char stay at some point
<taxman> char cant move up (N) - blocking tile
<taxman> char cant move right (E) - blocking tile
<taxman> client disable try to move NE
<taxman> at NE no blocking tiles
<Nando_k> hmm
<taxman> if you sends move request to move at NE - core allows it
<taxman> but pure client no
<Nando_k> I see
<taxman> so if you use something like inject - you have advantage
<Nando_k> in fact, that's kinda old
<taxman> i think it need to be disabled by core
<Nando_k> I remember being discussed on the old egroups
<Nando_k> hmm
<Nando_k> so basically, when moving in diagonals, you should check both side directions
<Nando_k> makes sense..
<taxman> client does it
<taxman> i think core must have same behaviour
<Nando_k> sure
<Nando_k> it blocks only if BOTH directions block?
<taxman> yes afair
<taxman> btw this bug used for house intrusion
<taxman> some houses havnt corner blocks in foundation
<Nando_k> I know :/

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Re: about moving

Post by Nando » Thu Feb 26, 2009 10:00 am

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02-26-2009 Nando
    Fixed:   Bug where a player / npc moving in a diagonal direction 'd' wasn't blocked by items on direction 'd+1' and 'd-1'.
               (For example, moving in direction NE while having items blocking on N and E was allowed by core, while disallowed by client)