Magic items/ID etc.

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Magic items/ID etc.

Post by Faceless_Soldier » Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:14 am


So I've found that item ID has not been implemented yet, could be because newer versions of UO don't use it, or that they simply haven't gotten around to it. Either way it does not bother me because I have made my own based of WOD/ZH scripts.

What I want to do is make a 0.98 compliant magic item system based on newer core, commands and concepts. What I want to know is;

- what is the best way to define the magic enchantments on items
Is this still the procedure? Or has it been revised?

Code: Select all

SkillEn 2
	Skill		AnimalLore
	Place		1
	Name1		Apprentice Naturalist's
	Name2		Journeyman Naturalist's
	Name3		Expert Naturalist's
	Name4		Adept Naturalist's
	Name5		Master Naturalist's
	Name6		Grandmaster Naturalist's
	CName1		Novice Naturalist's
	CName2		Neophyte Naturalist's
	CName3		Inept Naturalist's
	CName4		Incompetent Naturalist's
	CName5		Failed Naturalist's
	CName6		Blundering Naturalist's
- how/when they are applied, if not implemented, any suggestions where I should be looking?

- how are these properties applied? Will I need to make a custom equip/unequip/destroy scripts to handle all the new enchantments?

- where is the link between loot and magical items? Do I have to create it?

Sorry for the hassle. Ive just spent a while sifting through distro 0.97 / wod 0.98 / zh 0.98 and I don't have a real direction yet. If someone could point me the right way id appreciate it.
The end product is to be a zulu style magic system. Few "GM" items (artifacts/rares) and things like random swift/power/vanq/stgian/fire protection etc. (I know I will have to mess with damages later).


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Re: Magic items/ID etc.

Post by *Edwards » Tue Feb 22, 2011 5:06 pm

Get the Forgotten Zulu download package. You will get your answers there.

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