POL 098.2 Win32, Linux and FreeBSD - Beer and Waffles

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POL 098.2 Win32, Linux and FreeBSD - Beer and Waffles

Post by Shinigami » Tue Oct 13, 2009 1:15 pm

Hello everyone,

here you can find smaller fixing Release:

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-- POL098.2 --
08-21-2009 Turley:
    Fixed:   Regions where limited to 128 due to intern (char)id, changed to ushort

07-31-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Cleanup crash in shutdown involving characters and combat. Now all clients and characters are disconnected by the
             core before any cleanup is intiated. This will begin the cleanup for client and character alike. 

07-20-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Item::Facing updates were no longer updating surrounding clients.
    Fixed:   Bug with stackables where graphic and crops may be different, still allowing to combine stack (of same objtype)

07-15-2009 Turley:
    Added:   Support for client and latest UOKR (this change breaks every older UOKR)
             packet 0xB9 has now a length of 5

06-28-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Graphic/Layer bug when changing graphic and item is equipped. Now core will block this, returning a Error Struct to the script when attempting
             to change the graphic of an item with layer set.

06-27-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Layer bug with updating/sending equipped items

-- POL098.1 --
06-20-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Reset now occurs for tile_layer internal property when graphic is changed on item class.
    Fixed:   SetOpponent() for npcs will now once again correctly set the warmode.
05-20-2009 Turley:
    Fixed:   TypeOf() return of Error

05-14-2009 Turley:
    Fixed:   some Memoryleaks

04-29-2009 Turley:
    Fixed:   Exception on mobile.kill() if death/chrdeath.ecl does not exist

04-28-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Removal of items from containers not sending destroy object to nearby clients when object removed.
             This affects containers when was owned by a character.

04-21-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Crash at shutdown during character cleanup involving players that was in combat.

04-20-2009 Turley:
    Added:   Comparison check == for Boat,Multi,GuildRef

04-19-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Endian format for SendPartyMsg().
Win download : http://downloads.polserver.com/Core/Windows/098/
Linux download : http://downloads.polserver.com/Core/Linux/098/
FreeBSD download : http://downloads.polserver.com/Core/FreeBSD/098/

In Linux Build we've some issues due in ecompile/runecl due to new STLport - but it worked fine with dynamic build - please try this.

Feel free to test and report...

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Re: POL 098.2 Win32, Linux and FreeBSD - Beer and Waffles

Post by Mutley » Tue Oct 20, 2015 6:00 pm

The readme file is empty :(

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