House control & walkon scripts

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House control & walkon scripts

Post by Targun » Sun May 17, 2009 1:46 am

itemdesc.cfg documentation:

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House (objtype)
    {everything Item can have, plus: }
    MultiID         (int multiID number for this house)
So I assumed house can have walkon and control scripts.
I've defined a house :

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House 0x6dfc
    Name					drewniany dom na palach
	 Graphic				0x5dfc
    MultiID				0x1dfc
	 ControlScript		:housing:houseControl
	 WalkOnScript		:housing:walkOn
 	 Deed					0x7dfc
I wrote both scripts:

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program house_walkOn(house, who)
	print("HOUSE WALK ON ";

program houseControl(house)
		print("House :"+house.objtype);
And nothing happens :/
Am I doin' something wrong, or houses just cannot have control nor walkon scripts?

methodscript for houses seems not to work either

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Re: House control & walkon scripts

Post by Tomi » Sun May 17, 2009 4:21 am

The multis themselves dont have walkon or control scripts.

The Housing are controlled in UO normally like this:

Controlscripts are in the sign.
Walkonscripts are on separately created bantiles.

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