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POL 098 Win32, Linux and FreeBSD RC2 - Beer and Waffles

Post by Shinigami » Thu Apr 02, 2009 1:31 pm

RC = Release Candidate

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-- POL098 --
04-02-2009 MuadDb
    Fixed:   Crash in cleanup of character objects during Shutdown and deletion.
    Fixed:   Crash involving sending warmode information during disconnect/shutdown.
04-01-2009 Nando:
    Fixed:   When creating a new char, attributes' caps weren't being set to the default value and
             were just set to a random value.

03-30-2009 Nando:
    Fixed:   Sometimes when casting a spell, a race-condition would make POL end with a 
             passert( !start_attached || (script_ex == NULL) ) error in chrituse.cpp.
    Fixed:   Bug in Packet::GetString(offset, len) where it would return a string of 'len' ascii chars,
             regardless of having a null-byte in there. Will now limit to len or the first null-byte
             found, whichever comes first.

03-30-2009 MuadDib
    Fixed:   Equipment.quality will now convert plain integers to Double/Float for it when using
             item.quality:=2; instead of item.quality:=2.0;
03-28-2009 Turley:
    Fixed:   Resend party list if remove hooks dont allow it

03-27-2009 Turley:
    Fixed:   Crash in party speechhandler

03-27-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Crash in Basic::Trim(). Now checks explicitly for String as param 1. Errors out if not.
    Fixed:   Event LeftArea and EnteredArea both being able to be triggered when 1 is actually disabled.
03-25-2009 MuadDib:
    Changed: StrReplace() and SubStrReplace() will now accept Dict/Struct/Array/Error as param 1 and converts
             them to string format (like when using print() or syslog()) before comparing/converting.

03-24-2009 MuadDib:
    Fixed:   Crash with StrReplace() allowing to go past end of a string.
    Changed: StrReplace() will now allow the replace_with string to be empty, to remove the to_replace
             param from the string completely.
    Fixed:   Crash in onRemove system for removing objects on npc/offline mobiles.
Win download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... indows/098
Linux download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... /Linux/098
FreeBSD download : http://downloads.polserver.com/browser. ... reeBSD/098

feel free to use it...

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