Help me how to spawn the POL098core world

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Help me how to spawn the POL098core world

Post by yoyu007 » Fri Feb 06, 2009 9:24 pm

I use the pol-core-098-2009-01-13 and Distro097 SVN

here is some config file content

CmdLevel Player
DIR pkg/commands/player

CmdLevel Coun
DIR pkg/commands/coun
DIR pkg/commands/counselor

ALIAS counselor

CmdLevel Seer
DIR pkg/commands/seer
DIR pkg/commands/building

CmdLevel GM
DIR pkg/commands/gm
DIR pkg/commands/props

CmdLevel Admin
DIR pkg/commands/admin

CmdLevel Dev
DIR pkg/commands/dev
DIR pkg/commands/developer
DIR pkg/commands/test

ALIAS Developer

and E:\GameEmu\Polserver\pkg\commands\pkg.cfg:
# $Id: pkg.cfg 1054 2007-04-28 13:30:16Z tekproxy $

Enabled 1
Name commands

Version 1.0

CoreRequired 97

Creator Distro Team

Maintainer Distro Team

and accounts
Name admin
Password admin
PasswordHash f6fdffe48c908deb0f4c3bd36c032e72
PasswordOnlyHash 21232f297a57a5a743894a0e4a801fc3
Enabled 1
Banned 0
DefaultCmdLevel dev
UOExpansion T2A
CProp LastLogin i1233484165

and some file in my E:\GameEmu\Polserver\pkg\commands\developer directory:
2009-02-01 18:18 1,703 killpid.dbg
2009-02-01 18:18 2,545 killpid.dbg.txt
2009-02-01 18:18 57 killpid.dep
2009-02-01 18:18 619 killpid.ecl
2009-02-01 18:18 1,243 killpid.lst
2009-02-01 16:21 472 killpid.src
2009-02-01 18:18 12,157 realms.dbg
2009-02-01 18:18 19,446 realms.dbg.txt
2009-02-01 18:18 171 realms.dep
2009-02-01 18:18 3,826 realms.ecl
2009-02-01 18:18 10,691 realms.lst
2009-02-01 16:21 1,349 realms.src
2009-02-01 18:18 1,140 startscript.dbg
2009-02-01 18:18 1,659 startscript.dbg.txt
2009-02-01 18:18 61 startscript.dep
2009-02-01 18:18 445 startscript.ecl
2009-02-01 18:18 787 startscript.lst
2009-02-01 16:21 350 startscript.src
2009-02-01 18:18 685 unload.dbg
2009-02-01 18:18 954 unload.dbg.txt
2009-02-01 18:18 56 unload.dep
2009-02-01 18:18 338 unload.ecl
2009-02-01 18:18 439 unload.lst
2009-02-01 16:21 232 unload.src
2009-02-01 18:18 655 unloadall.dbg
2009-02-01 18:18 907 unloadall.dbg.txt
2009-02-01 18:18 59 unloadall.dep
2009-02-01 18:18 328 unloadall.ecl
2009-02-01 18:18 408 unloadall.lst
2009-02-01 16:21 227 unloadall.src
30 个文件 64,009 字节
2 个目录 746,000,384 可用字节

some of my server log:
[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/systems/accounts/acctWatcher/acctWatcher.ecl]: ---=[ ACCOUNT WATCHER HAS STARTED UP ]=---

Config File config/icp.cfg does not exist.

[02/07 13:13:33] [pkg/systems/decay/decayCycle.ecl]: Starting britannia decayer at X:160 Y:576
[02/07 13:13:33] [pkg/systems/decay/decayCycle.ecl]: Starting tokuno decayer at X:512 Y:0

[02/07 12:58:28] [pkg/utils/control/initializer/checkpackages.ecl]: ---=[ ICP SETUP HAS STARTED UP ]=---
[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/utils/control/initializer/checkpackages.ecl]: Warning: Package [::config (main configs)] has no ICP support!
[02/07 12:58:30] [pkg/utils/control/initializer/checkpackages.ecl]: ICP setup has completed.

[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/skills/lumberjacking/treeRegen/control.ecl]: ---=[ TREE REGENERATOR HAS STARTED UP ]=---

[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/mobiles/merchants/initializer/firstRun.ecl]: ---=[ MERCHANT INITIALIZER HAS STARTED UP ]=---
[02/07 12:58:30] [pkg/mobiles/merchants/initializer/firstRun.ecl]: ---=[ MERCHANT INITIALIZER HAS FINISHED ]=---

[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/skills/mining/oreVein/regenVeins.ecl]: ---=[ ORE VEIN REGENERATOR HAS STARTED UP ]=---
[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/skills/mining/oreGlobal/regenOre.ecl]: ---=[ GLOBAL ORE REGENERATOR HAS STARTED UP ]=---

[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/items/moongates/systemMoonGate/moongateInit.ecl]: ---=[ MOONGATE INIT SCRIPT HAS STARTED UP ]=---
[02/07 12:58:31] [pkg/items/moongates/systemMoonGate/moongateInit.ecl]: ERROR: moongate.cfg elem 'britannia_alt' is not a valid realm.
[02/07 12:58:31] [pkg/items/moongates/systemMoonGate/moongateInit.ecl]: ERROR: moongate.cfg elem 'Ilshenar' is not a valid realm.
[02/07 12:58:31] [pkg/items/moongates/systemMoonGate/moongateInit.ecl]: ERROR: moongate.cfg elem 'Malas' is not a valid realm.
[02/07 12:58:31] [pkg/items/moongates/systemMoonGate/moongateInit.ecl]: ERROR: moongate.cfg elem 'Tokuno' is not a valid realm.
[02/07 12:58:31] [pkg/items/moongates/systemMoonGate/moongateInit.ecl]: ---=[ MOONGATE INIT SCRIPT HAS FINISHED ]=---

[02/07 12:57:57] Logfile opened.
POL098beta-2009-01-13 (VS.NET 2003) compiled on Jan 13 2009 17:41:13 running.
[02/07 12:58:28] Game is active.
[02/07 12:59:28] sysload=10 (73) cputime=3921875
[02/07 13:00:28] sysload=0 (0) cputime=15625

[02/07 12:57:57] 0x005e1f34

[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/systems/spawnSystem/spawnSystem.ecl]: ---=[ SPAWNER HAS STARTED UP ]=---
[02/07 12:58:30] [pkg/systems/spawnSystem/engines/npcFill/spawnCycle.ecl]: Completed spawning of group (simple_swamp) in region (britannia-trinsic-swamp).
[02/07 12:58:30] [pkg/systems/spawnSystem/engines/npcFill/spawnCycle.ecl]: Completed spawning of group (forestanimals_2) in region (britannia-yew-forest-northeast).
[02/07 12:58:30] [pkg/systems/spawnSystem/engines/npcFill/spawnCycle.ecl]: Completed spawning of group (forestanimals_1) in region (britannia-yew-forest-northeast).
[02/07 12:58:30] [pkg/systems/spawnSystem/engines/reagentSpawn/spawnCycle.ecl]: Completed spawning of group (basicreagents) in region (britannia-britain-swamp-reagents).

POL098beta-2009-01-13 (VS.NET 2003)
compiled on Jan 13 2009 17:41:13
Copyright (C) 1993-2007 Eric N. Swanson

Reading Configuration.
checkpoint: reading servspecopt.cfg
checkpoint: low-fragmentation Heap ...disabled via ServSpecOpt
checkpoint: init default itemdesc defaults
checkpoint: loading POL map file
Loading Realm britannia.
Validating statics files: Completed in 15 ms.
Loading Realm tokuno.
Validating statics files: Completed in 0 ms.
checkpoint: initializing IPC structures
checkpoint: initializing sockets library
hostname is yoyu-wei
LAN IP address is
Internet IP address is
checkpoint: loading configuration
checkpoint: load_cmdlevels
checkpoint: read_combat_config
Loading combat.cfg options
checkpoint: read_boat_cfg
checkpoint: read_multidefs
checkpoint: set_watch_vars
checkpoint: load_packages
Loading package in pkg/commands/
Loading package in pkg/expansions/aos/
Loading package in pkg/expansions/aos/skills/chivalry/
Loading package in pkg/expansions/aos/skills/focus/
Loading package in pkg/expansions/aos/skills/necromancy/
Loading package in pkg/items/acid/
Loading package in pkg/items/anvil/
Loading package in pkg/items/armor/
Loading package in pkg/items/blood/
Loading package in pkg/items/bulletinboard/
Loading package in pkg/items/clothing/
Loading package in pkg/items/coins/
Loading package in pkg/items/containers/
Loading package in pkg/items/doors/
Loading package in pkg/items/dyes/
Loading package in pkg/items/feces/
Loading package in pkg/items/food/
Loading package in pkg/items/forges/
Loading package in pkg/items/games/
Loading package in pkg/items/gems/
Loading package in pkg/items/graveStones/
Loading package in pkg/items/hair/
Loading package in pkg/items/jewelery/
Loading package in pkg/items/keys/
Loading package in pkg/items/lighting/
Loading package in pkg/items/maps/
Loading package in pkg/items/moongates/
Loading package in pkg/items/mounts/
Loading package in pkg/items/reagents/
Loading package in pkg/items/runeBook/
Loading package in pkg/items/signs/
Loading package in pkg/items/sysbook/
Loading package in pkg/items/teleporters/
Loading package in pkg/items/training/
Loading package in pkg/items/traps/
Loading package in pkg/items/trash/
Loading package in pkg/items/vomit/
Loading package in pkg/items/walkOn/
Loading package in pkg/items/weapons/
Loading package in pkg/mobiles/brainAI/
Loading package in pkg/mobiles/damage/
Loading package in pkg/mobiles/death/
Loading package in pkg/mobiles/merchants/
Loading package in pkg/mobiles/newCharacter/
Loading package in pkg/mobiles/repSys/
Loading package in pkg/mobiles/timedScripts/
Loading package in pkg/multis/boat/
Loading package in pkg/multis/housing/
Loading package in pkg/multis/multicommands/
Loading package in pkg/other/email/
Loading package in pkg/other/guilds/
Loading package in pkg/other/motd/
Loading package in pkg/packetHooks/BFCommand/
Loading package in pkg/packetHooks/CharProfile/
Loading package in pkg/packetHooks/OpenDoor/
Loading package in pkg/packetHooks/PacketConfig/
Loading package in pkg/packetHooks/PartySystem/
Loading package in pkg/packetHooks/SkillLocks/
Loading package in pkg/packetHooks/StatHook/
Loading package in pkg/skills/alchemy/
Loading package in pkg/skills/anatomy/
Loading package in pkg/skills/animallore/
Loading package in pkg/skills/animaltaming/
Loading package in pkg/skills/armsLore/
Loading package in pkg/skills/begging/
Loading package in pkg/skills/blacksmithy/
Loading package in pkg/skills/bowcraft/
Loading package in pkg/skills/camping/
Loading package in pkg/skills/carpentry/
Loading package in pkg/skills/cartography/
Loading package in pkg/skills/cooking/
Loading package in pkg/skills/detecthidden/
Loading package in pkg/skills/evalInt/
Loading package in pkg/skills/healing/
Loading package in pkg/skills/hiding/
Loading package in pkg/skills/inscription/
Loading package in pkg/skills/lumberjacking/
Loading package in pkg/skills/magery/
Loading package in pkg/skills/meditation/
Loading package in pkg/skills/mining/
Loading package in pkg/skills/spiritSpeak/
Loading package in pkg/skills/stealing/
Loading package in pkg/skills/stealth/
Loading package in pkg/skills/tailoring/
Loading package in pkg/skills/tasteidentification/
Loading package in pkg/systems/accounts/
Loading package in pkg/systems/attributes/
Loading package in pkg/systems/combat/
Loading package in pkg/systems/crafting/
Loading package in pkg/systems/decay/
Loading package in pkg/systems/help/
Loading package in pkg/systems/loot/
Loading package in pkg/systems/spawnSystem/
Loading package in pkg/systems/worldSaver/
Loading package in pkg/utils/control/
Loading package in pkg/utils/coords/
Loading package in pkg/utils/datafile/
Loading package in pkg/utils/gumps/
Loading package in pkg/utils/itemUtils/
Loading package in pkg/utils/servmgmt/
Loading package in pkg/utils/timeutils/
checkpoint: load_package_cmdlevels
checkpoint: load_resource_cfg
checkpoint: read_justice_zones
checkpoint: read_music_zones
checkpoint: read_nocast_zones
checkpoint: read_light_zones
checkpoint: read_weather_zones
checkpoint: load_armor_zones
checkpoint: load_attributes_cfg
checkpoint: load_vitals_cfg
checkpoint: load_vitals_cfg: load_packed_cfgs
INSTALLING: Exported Vital - RegenRate and MaxValue functions ...
checkpoint: load_vitals_cfg: find Life vital
checkpoint: load_vitals_cfg: find Stamina vital
checkpoint: load_vitals_cfg: find Mana vital
checkpoint: load_vitals_cfg: verify vital vitals
checkpoint: load_uoskills_cfg
checkpoint: load_uoclient_cfg
checkpoint: initialize_client_interfaces
checkpoint: load_tiles_cfg
checkpoint: load_landtile_cfg
checkpoint: load_itemdesc
checkpoint: load_special_storedconfig: itemdesc
checkpoint: load_special_storedconfig: spells
checkpoint: load_weapon_templates
checkpoint: load_npc_templates
checkpoint: preload_test_scripts
checkpoint: load_spell_data
File config/spells.cfg not found, skipping
checkpoint: load_tips
checkpoint: load stacking cfg
checkpoint: load movement cost
checkpoint: load animation translations
checkpoint: load repsys config
checkpoint: load console commands
checkpoint: check configuration
checkpoint: loading system hooks
INSTALLING: Combat Advancement hook...
INSTALLING: Parry hook...
INSTALLING: Combat hook...
checkpoint: loading packet hooks
INSTALLING: Guild Button PH...
INSTALLING: Character Profile PH...
INSTALLING: Party Status Update PH...
INSTALLING: Skill Lock PH...
INSTALLING: Outgoing Status PH...
INSTALLING: Auto Account/Theft Prevention PH...
INSTALLING: Statlock Recieving PH...
INSTALLING: Screen Size Setup PH...
INSTALLING: OpenDoor Action Macro PH...
INSTALLING: Party System PH...
checkpoint: loading auxservice configuration
checkpoint: reading menus
checkpoint: loading intrinsic weapons
checkpoint: reading gameservers
checkpoint: reading starting locations
Reading data files:
checkpoint: reading account data
data/accounts.txt: 2 elements in 156 ms.
checkpoint: reading data
data/pol.txt: 2 elements in 0 ms.
data/objects.txt: 0 elements in 0 ms.
data/pcs.txt: 5 elements in 47 ms.
data/pcequip.txt: 8 elements in 0 ms.
data/npcs.txt: 217 elements in 219 ms.
data/npcequip.txt: 7 elements in 0 ms.
data/items.txt:.. 2003 elements in 156 ms.
data/multis.txt: 0 elements in 0 ms.
data/storage.txt: 92 elements in 16 ms.
Done! 844 milliseconds.
checkpoint: running start scripts
Running startup script.

Starting system moongate setup... OK.
Starting tree regeneration controller... OK.
Starting ore vein regeneration controller... OK.
Starting global ore regeneration controller... OK.
Starting accounts watcher... OK.
Starting attributes setup... OK.
Starting decay cycle initializer... OK.
Starting spawn system... OK.
Starting world saver... OK.
Starting ICP setup... OK.
Starting bandwidth recorder... OK.
Startup script complete.
checkpoint: starting client listeners
Listening for UO clients on port 5002 (encryption: 2.0.0)
Initialization complete. POL is active. Ctrl-C to stop.

Listening for UO clients on port 2593 (encryption: none)

[02/07 12:58:29] [pkg/systems/worldSaver/worldSaver.ecl]: ---=[ WORLD SAVER HAS STARTED UP ]=---

admin and other player can login the server.the world only little NPC

pls help,i am very newer to pol
sorry for my poor english

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Re: Help me how to spawn the POL098core world

Post by Pierce » Sat Feb 07, 2009 3:01 am

I never run the Distro097 SVN scripts, but if i take a look at the scripts
you should use the spawnSystem (pkg/systems/spawnSystem).
It contains a command called .spawner which allows you to
define regions and their spawns.

Maybe not all NPCs are defined in that Distro. You'll find the NPCs
already defined inside the npcdesc.cfg files. Currently there are two:


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