Auto Update CFG items[Read for better understanding]

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Auto Update CFG items[Read for better understanding]

Post by MontuZ » Fri Feb 10, 2006 9:12 am

Alrighty, when I update an Item located in a CFG file. When I reboot, POL 'should' update/fix that item. Get where I'm going here? Example, if a staff member created an item and edited it's stats. When the server restarted. The item he edited would turn back to normal. I realize this may cause some problems, but we could also, if we wanted to keep that items edited stats add a line in the cfg file, EditableItem 1/0 Or something. Just another dumb idea. :lol:


Post by Marilla » Fri Feb 10, 2006 3:06 pm

If you modify the member(s) on an instance of an item, such as color, that modified value will remain, no matter what you change the underlying itemdesc entry to. This is as-intended and should be desireable; If you customized an item, you wouldn't want the core stripping that customization off of it, and simply adding an option wouldn't take into account wanting some properties left, and others changed, and it would entain a LOT of thrashing of items when the shard started up. Beyond that, it would likely also require an extra property to be stored on items to show if they are 'dirty', and when they were modified... otherwise, if you set it to 'reset' the item, it would ALWAYS reset the item - certainly not desireable under any circumstances.

The solution for you would be to write a control script for the item to reset properties back to the 'new' defaults, though. That would be much easier to do than trying to mess with various options for what to reset and what not to reset.

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Post by MuadDib » Sun Feb 12, 2006 9:54 pm

A control script would be, here, the easiest method (although troublesome down the road for customized items as rewards, etc.).

You could always make a php or perl script to search and update the data files before pol loads also. Might be a bit overkill (I am known for that :) )